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The company’s organic range is the result of an exhaustive work initiated in Spain by Andromeda Group in 2014 with the main intention of offering an alternative that contributes to the preservation of the balance of marine ecosystems.

A commitment that also gives an answer to consumers’ current concern about taking care of their own health at the same time as the planet’s and that positions Frescamar Alimentación as the only Spanish firm that offers Organic Sea Bream and Sea Bass raised in open waters.

frescamar Bio lubinas y doradas

Logotipo Ecologico

Organic Certification

Frescamar Bio holds organic certification for the whole process, from the fingerlings to the final product. Fishes are bred with a balanced and controlled diet based on organic natural only from sustainable sources.

As any other organic production, Frescamar Bio respects our ecosystem natural cycles, contributing to enhance biodiversity and does so by responsibly using all the energy and resources Nature has to offers.

Preserving animal welfare is a commitment as fierce as guaranteeing maximum freshness and quality to the consumer.


  • EuroleafOur brand Frescamar Bio can use the term “Organic” because its products comply with all regulatory requirements related to organic production.This logo, known as the “Euroleaf”, appears on the back of the tag that our Organic Sea Bream and Sea Bass show off in their gills and certifies that they belong to ecological production of the European Union.

  • Committee of Ecological Agriculture of the Valencian Community (CAECV)All Valencian Community products certified as organic must contain, in addition to the “Euroleaf”, the logo of the Committee of Ecological Agriculture of the Valencian Community (CAECV).It is a public control and certification authority dependent on the Council of Agriculture, Environment, Climate Change and Rural Development.

  • International Food Standard (IFS)Just as BRC, this standard aims to ensure food safety.One of its advantages is that it unifies demanding requirements from both distribution channel and producers towards suppliers creating a common and standardized evaluation system in the market.Frescamar Alimentación has recently certified its processing plant obtaining the maximum existing rating for this standard (Superior Level).

  • British Retail Consortium (BRC)It represents, together with IFS, the norm of greater recognition and international prestige in the field of food security.Its fulfillment also guarantees “food defense”: food defense against any type of intentional adulteration beyond the production process, which also extends to the plant’s workers.

  • ISO 22000, ISO 9001 e ISO 14001Frescamar Alimentación holds ISO 22000 certification, which guarantees food security, and ISO 9001 certification, guaranteeing the quality of its products.Additionally, all the methods used by the company in the production of the Frescamar Bio range follow the procedures established by the ISO 14001 standard regarding environmental management.

  • Global G.A.PFrom the fries until the product leaves Frescamar Alimentación facilities, this certification guarantees that the entire process complies with the most important international standard in terms of agricultural fair practices.

  • Friend of the SeaThe producer Frescamar Bio holds, since 2015, this international certification thanks to its commitment to the preservation of marine ecosystems.

  • Halal Food & QualityThis seal guarantees the quality of Frescamar Bio products according to the “halal” regulation according to Islamic dietary law requirements.

  • Premio Alimentos de EspañaFrescamar Alimentación was awarded on 2016 with “Premio Alimentos de España” in the Fishing and Aquaculture Production category.This recognition, granted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, assessed the trajectory and the innovative nature of the company with special emphasis on its organic production: Frescamar Bio.

Sello de Calidad

Quality Guaranteed

Total fish control and traceability throughout the whole production process has positioned Frescamar Bio in the market, both, national and international, as a benchmark for safety, quality and freshness.

The fact of having our own fingerlings and the group’s long experience in the aquaculture sector, allow us to obtain products of the highest nutritional, sanitary and organoleptic quality from the sea, always preserving food safety.

As for production and packaging processes, the fact that they are done in less than five hours from harvesting, assures that the product reaches consumers with the greatest freshness and quality.


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